Hot Off the Press

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We offer state-of-the-art technology platforms and expertise in the areas of genomics, proteomics and imaging as well as viral vectors, x-ray crystallography and bioinformatics. These core facilities operate within the Biocenter Finland national infrastructure network. Our user base comprises local, national and international scientists. CBT services have contributed significantly to the discovery of creative solutions to biological problems as seen from our publications.

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Some of Our Recently Awarded PhDs

Hasan Mohammad, Åbo Akademi University, 6th of April, 2016: JNK regulation of neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and anxiety-related behaviors in mice.

Nicola De Franceschi,  University of Turku, 12th of February 2016: Integrin cytoplasmic tail interactors: the insiders' game.  

Arafath Kaja Najumudeen, Åbo Akademi University, 15th of January 2016: Targeting oncogenic signaling proteins - new insights using a FRET-based chemical biology approach

Asta Laiho, University of Turku, 9th of January 2016: Data analysis tools and methods for DNA microarray and high-throughput sequencing data

Sini Junttila, University of Turku, 8th of January 2016: Characterisation of Cladonia rangiferina transcriptome and genome, and the effects of dehydration and rehydration on its gene expression.

Pekka Heikkinen, University of Turku, 11th of December 2015: Modulation of TGF-β signaling by Hypoxia

Reetta Virtakoivu, University of Turku, 4th of December 2015: From epithelial to mesenchymal: regulation of invasive cancer cell motility From epithelial to mesenchymal: regulation of invasive cancer cell motility

Marika Sjöqvist, Åbo Akademi University, 13th of October 2015: Networking Notch : regulation of Notch traffic and signaling crosstalk

Mirkka Heinonen,  University of Turku, 15th of September 2015:  Players of Th-cell differentiation and immune dysregulation - focus on GIMAP family  genes

Jenni Mäki-Jouppila, University of Turku, 27th of March 2015: To divide or not to divide; MicroRNAs and small compounds as modulators of mitosis

Emilia Komulainen, Åbo  Akademi University, 23rd of January 2015: JNK regulates dendrite and spine architecture in the central nervous system influencing spatial learning and motor tasks

Henna Kallionpää, University of Turku, 28th of November 2014: Gene Regulation in The Human Immune System. Gene Expression Signatures of Th2 Cell Differentiation, Type 1 Diabetes, and Intrauterine Immune Adaptation

Justyna Zdrojewska, Åbo Akademi University, 17th of October 2014: The interplay of JNK and SCG10 during corical development and in excitotoxic responses in brain

Subhash Tripathi, University of Turku, 23rd of May 2014: Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation of Human CD4+ T Helper Lineage Specification


MIKRO Seminars of Infection Biology and Infectious Diseases

Zhi Jane Chen:
Signal transduction pathways and transcriptional regulation in the control of Th17 cell differentiation
Wednesday, May 4 at 11:15
PharmaCity Auditorium, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4, Turku

PET seminar

Michael Courtney:
New Research Opportunities Opened by Optogenetic Technologies
Monday, May 9 at 15:00
PET Centre seminar room 1st floor (Kiinamyllynkatu 4-8, building #14)


Several speakers:
43rd Annual meeting of the Scandinavian Society of Immunology and Summer School
Tuesday, May 10 at 9:00 - Monday, June 13 at 14:00
Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, Linnankatu 32

New Personnel

Dickens Alex

Postdoctoral Fellow
Oresic Matej - Systems Medicine

Shetty Ankitha

Graduate Student
Lahesmaa Riitta - Molecular Immunology

Laporte Sophie

Papageorgiou Tassos - Protein Crystallography

Rytkönen Kalle

Postdoctoral Fellow
Elo Laura - Computational Biomedicine

Merisaari Joni

Graduate Student
Westermarck Jukka - Cancer Cell Signaling

Sharma Mukund

Graduate Student
Abankwa Daniel - GTPases Mechanisms