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Lost in Imaging seminar series
Autumn 2014

December 11, 2014
Fluicell micropipette seminar hosted by CIC
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December 16, 2014
BTK Club Seminar CIC guest speaker Jessica Rosenholm

New software
The CIC acquired Imaris with AutoQuant, a heavy-duty software package for image analysis and deconvolution.

Further information: Jouko Sandholm (jouko.sandholm (at)


CIC instruments have been used in approximately 40 peer review publications/year. Check.


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Alpay K, Farshchian M, Tuomela J, Sandholm J, Aittokallio K, Siljamäki E, Kallio M, Kähäri VM, Hietanen S. Inhibition of c-Abl Kinase Activity Renders Cancer Cells Highly Sensitive to Mitoxantrone. PLoS One. 2014 Aug 22;9(8):e105526. PubMed

Kyläniemi MK, Kaukonen R, Myllyviita J, Rasool O, Lahesmaa R. The regulation and role of c-FLIP in human Th cell differentiation. PLoS One. 2014 Jul 14;9(7):e102022. PubMed

Services of the Cell Imaging Core

The Cell Imaging Core (CIC) is a centralized facility where end users receive the support needed to carry out conventional and advanced imaging techniques. The unit has combined resources to provide state-of-the-art equipment that is open to all researchers. CIC is part of the Biocenter Finland Infrastructure Network on Biological Imaging. We cooperate with Turku Bioimaging  and EuroBioImaging to improve the accessibility of imaging technologies among the bioscience community internationally. 

The primary goal of the unit is to enhance the research and teaching environment of BioCity Turku.

To meet these goals, the unit

  • provides technical training to local users and visiting researchers
  • offers consultation on experimental design and image analysis
  • evaluates new methods and fluorescence tools and communicates acquired knowledge to users
  • implements advances in hardware and software relevant for biomedical sciences
  • provides ongoing education in theory and practise by organizing training courses and international workshops


For any questions concerning microscopes:
 - microscopy [at]
 - +358 (0)50 369 7532

For any questions concerning flow cytometers:
- flow [at]
- +358 (0)50 365 1598

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