Journal Club

In order to promote interaction between the local bioinformatics community and share information on the latest bioinformatics research, the unit organizes a regular Bioinformatics Journal Club.

Coming sessions (always at 10.15):

  • May 24th (BioCity B, 5th floor, large seminar room)

A machine learning approach for the identification of key markers involved in brain development from single-cell transcriptomic data by Yongli Hu, Takeshi Hase, Hui Peng Li, Shyam Prabhakar, Hiroaki Kitano, See Kiong Ng, Samik Ghosh and Lawrence Jin Kiat Wee.


How the Club works:

The aim of the club is to enhance interaction between people working with bioinformatics at CBT and other university departments and share information on important topics of the field.

Please feel free  to contribute and present an article of interest. The article can be any relatively recent report related to data analysis you think may be interesting to others working on ngs data analysis as well. Prepare to shortly present the article in the beginning of the session (<20min) after which it and the thoughts it provokes will be discussed between the participants.

Contact asta.laiho (_at_) or mirkka.ruotsalainen (_at_) for the details.


Earlier presented in the club: