Virtual Meetingroom

Welcome to BTK Virtual Meeting Room!

Virtual Meeting Room enables you to keep virtual seminars, meetings etc. The system is based on Adobe Connect Pro.

Login to the room here:
and enter as a Guest. Please, use your full name, so you can be recognized.

Seminar participants:

Add your location after your name (if you are not from Turku), e.g. Matti Virtanen (Oulu).

Please note, that the seminar might be recorded and the record can be published with the permission of the speaker. The names of all participants, and the questions/comments sent by chat window will be visible in the recording.

New with Connect Pro?

If you are using the meeting room for the first time, please check that your computer meets the requirements:

Check also more specific the instructions:

For participant
– For Presenter

For Connect Pro users

As other BTK seminar rooms, also Virtual Meeting Room requires reservation.