Prices for an industry project will be calculated separately according to the full cost model of the University of Turku.


All prices are €/h (excl. VAT)

3i spinning disk confocal (5th floor) 15
Abberior STED 17
Deltavision OMX 10
Nikon Eclipse 5
Lambert FLIM 8
Leica TCS SP1 (2nd floor) 12
Leica TCS SP5 2
Leica TCS SP5 MP (-1 floor) 17
Zeiss LSM510 JPK AFM (-1 floor) 17
Zeiss LSM780 15
Zeiss LSM880 with AiryScan 20
Zeiss P.A.L.M. LCM (-1 floor) 12
Zeiss TIRF-A (with lasers) 10
Zeiss TIRF-B (widefield) 5
Zeiss SteREO Lumar V.12 2
Zeiss AxioVert 200M (4th floor) 2
Zeiss AxioZOOM.V16 stereo N/A
Leica DM RXA (upright) (2nd floor) 2
Leica DM IRBE (inverted) (2nd floor) 2
Leica DMRE 2


Flow and mass cytometers

All prices are €/h (excl. VAT)

LSR Fortessa “Blues” 22.65
LSR Fortessa “Jazz” 22.65
FACSAria IIu cell sorter 54
Sony SH800 sorter 60
Helios CyTOF mass cytometer 64

The optional WB injector for Helios mass cytometer is available upon request only. Price for academic customers is 64€/h +120€/day.

When the sorting is done as a service, service fee (30 €/h for academics) will be added to the price.


Training/consultation fee (exl. VAT)

Academic: 30 €/h
Industry: 93,5 €/h