Prices for an industry project will be calculated separately according to the full cost model of the University of Turku.


All prices are €/h (excl. VAT)

3i spinning disk confocal (5th floor) 15
Abberior STED 17
Deltavision OMX 10
Nikon Eclipse 5
Lambert FLIM 8
Leica TCS SP1 (2nd floor) 12
Leica TCS SP5 Matrix 17
Leica TCS SP5 MP (-1 floor) 17
Zeiss LSM510 JPK AFM (-1 floor) 17
Zeiss LSM780 15
Zeiss LSM880 with AiryScan 20
Zeiss P.A.L.M. LCM (-1 floor) 12
Zeiss TIRF-A (with lasers) 10
Zeiss TIRF-B (widefield) 5
Zeiss SteREO Lumar V.12 2
Zeiss AxioVert 200M (4th floor) 2
Zeiss AxioZOOM.V16 stereo N/A
Leica DM RXA (upright) (2nd floor) 2
Leica DM IRBE (inverted) (2nd floor) 2
Leica DMRE 2


Flow and mass cytometers

All prices are €/h (excl. VAT)

LSR Fortessa “Blues” 20
LSR Fortessa “Jazz” 20
FACSAria IIu Cell Sorter 24
Sony SH800 sorter 60
Helios CyTOF mass cytometer 64


When the sorting is done as a service, service fee (30 €/h for academics) will be added to the price.

Training/consultation fee (exl. VAT)

Academic: 30 €/h
Industry: 93,5 €/h