Structural biology courses in Turku include:

Structural Bioinformatics Courses at Åbo Akademi University Link

‘Basic X-ray crystallography: How to solve a protein structure’,
22 hrs, 3 ECTS (with theory, practicals and final exam), every year during February – March. Turku Centre for Biotechnology, X-ray facility; Responsible person Tassos Papageorgiou Link

‘BKEM1100 Protein Structure and Function: Basics of Structural Biology’
3 op (ECTS??). Part of the Biochemistry masters program at University of Turku. Includes lectures and an exam based on Whitford, D. (2005) Proteins, structure and function (Wiley); lectures mostly in Finnish. Responsible person Jarmo Käpylä (Dept Biochemistry, U Turku).

Links to courses in other universities: