Crystal structure determination is a multi-step process with some steps more difficult than others. Moreover, the success of each step cannot be easily predicted and the time for a new structure can vary from a few months to a couple of years. As a result, no straightforward answer can be given regarding pricing. People who are interested in using our services should discuss with us to find the best way to deal with these issues and agree the costs involved in each step. Collaborative projects can also be established for short or long periods  of time. Based, however, on instructions from Biocenter Finland, a fee will be asked even for collaborative projects to cover expenses of the facility.

Price scheme

The prices have been revised based on new rules at UTU and BTK/TCB
Start of the project/sign of agreement and/or collaboration: 750 euros

Crystallizations: 750+ euros (+depends on optimizations needed)

Initial crystal characterization 1000

Full data collection in-house  2000

Synchrotron data collection  3000

Phasing 3000-5000+ (+ depends on the difficulties)

Structure refinement/rebuilding 3000-5000+

Structure analysis 3000

Other services

Homology modelling 1000
Docking 1500

Data collection/use of the X-ray generator

750 euros/year/group for unlimited use. For occasional use 150€/day. Please consult us to discuss your needs.