Functional Single Cell Genomics

Our Single Cell unit offers high-throughput 3’-single-cell mRNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) service using the Chromium system by 10x Genomics. scRNA-seq allows unbiased analysis of heterogeneous tissues, rare cell populations and inference of gene regulatory networks.

The Chromium system can process up to 8 samples in a single run, each sample consisting of 100-10,000 cells. The nominal capture efficiency of single cells is 65%, and is not limited by cell size. Samples can be fresh or viable frozen cells and can be FACS-sorted.

The single-cell libraries can be sequenced using Illumina HiSeq instruments. The recommended sequencing depth is 50 000 raw reads per cell.

The sequencing data will be provided in raw format (fastq and bam) and as a gene expression matrix that can be explored with the user-friendly Loupe Cell Browser software freely available from 10x Genomics. In addition, bespoke analysis service is available through the Bioinformatics unit.

In addition to the Chromium system, custom protocols enabling flexible single cell epigenome analysis are being implemented in the unit.

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