Karyotyping Service

We provided rapid high-throughput karyotyping service with KaryoLite™ BoBs™ assay, which utilizes bead-bound bacterial artificial chromosome probes distinguishable by the Luminex® instrument. The probes recognize the centromeres, p and q arms of chromosomes 1-22, X and Y, and q arms of acrocentric chromosomes. The assay provides a fast tool for detection of chromosomal abnormalities from low amounts of genomic DNA isolated from whole cell or tissue pools. 

Our high-throughput karyotyping service enables:

  • Rapid detection of chromosomal aneuploidies in all 24 chromosomes.
  • Frequent monitoring of the genomic integrity of in cost-efficient and high-throughput manner.
  • Monitoring of chromosomal aneuploidies from low amount of genomic DNA (min. 50 ng).
  • Up to 92 samples can be processed in a single experiment.
  • Sensitivity of mosaicism approximately 30%.

Please contact karyotyping@btk.fi for project inquiries.