Next-Generation Sequencing

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) enables high-throughput identification of the nucleic acid content of your samples with a broad range of different applications. Our Centre provides NGS services with Illumina HiSeq (high-throughput) and MiSeq (low-throughput) sequencers and for a wide range of applications including:

  • Transcriptome Analysis (Total RNA, polyA+ RNA, small RNA, targeted RNA analysis)
  • Epigenome Analysis (DNA methylation analysis, chromatin modifications)
  • Genome Analysis (Targeted or Whole Genome Resequencing)
  • Metagenome Analysis
  • Sequencing of ready-made libraries

The choice of the technological platform and application depends on the goal and size of the project, research organism and many other factors. Therefore, the approach should be selected according to the specific needs of the project. We at FMSC are happy to help you to get started and support the experimental planning and selection of the most suitable application and NGS platform for your project. We offer full sample preparation and sequencing service and also provide sequencing service for the libraries prepared by customers.

The technology platforms available include:
Illumina HiSeq2500 and HiSeq3000 systems
Illumina MiSeq personal Sequencer
Learn more about Next-Generation Sequencing at Illumina webpages.

Initiating a new NGS project

The best way to start your experiments is to have a project initiation meeting with us. In these meetings our experienced staff will answer to all your questions related to the experiments and sample preparation and provides the cost and schedule estimates for your project. A person representing our bioinformatics unit will be present in these meetings and together we can help you with your experimental design. This will ensure the optimal use of resources and quality of your results. Please, do not hestitate to contact us for planning your experiments well in advance. The consultation is free of charge. Project initiation meetings can also be organized as phone or internet conferences.

For cost and schedule estimates and project initiation meetings, please fill in our NGS Project Request Form. Once we have received the form we will contact you as soon as possible.