Universal ProbeLibrary

Roche Universal ProbeLibrary contains short hydrolysis probes of only 8 or 9 bases. The high melting temperatures characteristic of longer probes are retained by using Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) nucleotide chemistry in these shorter probes. Because the probes are only 8 or 9 bases long, each probe can hybridize to over 7,000 transcripts; thus, a set of only 165 probes can enable the quantification of virtually any transcript in a transcriptome. Assay specificity is attained by the combination of specific primers and the Universal ProbeLibrary probe.

For more information, see: https://lifescience.roche.com/en_fi/brands/universal-probe-library.html#assay-design-center

The Universal ProbeLibrary probes are compatible with the TaqMan technology.
The probes are available in 125 µl original tubes and 10 µl aliquots. The concentration is 10 µM, which is diluted to a working concentration of 1 µM by adding 90 µl of nuclease-free water into a 10 µl aliquot. The final concentration in with standard PCR settings is 0,1 µM (i.e. 100 nM). Thus, one 10 µl aliquot is sufficient for 100 reactions, i.e. one 96-well plate.

You can also order housekeeping gene sets from us, either B-actin or GAPDH for human or for mouse / rat. One set includes 10 µl aliquots of primers (300 µM) and probe (200 µM, FAM as a reporter).

To order probes, please contact us at: taqman (at) utu.fi

When you order probes, please specify:

  • the Universal Probe number(s)
  • the amount of each you need
  • your name and your research group.

We will bring the probes to the “Kyllikki”  freezer room in BTK (5th floor, room number 5074) where you can pick them up. The probes are delivered at the latest in three working days (usually sooner).