Past Events

The newly formed Turku Metabolomics facility is pleased to announce a seminar to celebrate its opening. The seminar will be held in Dentalia, Dent 1, Lemminkäisenkatu 2. All are welcome.

The Turku Metabolomics facility is a joint venture between three laboratories in Turku both from Åbo Akademi and Turku University, with primary focus on clinical applications of metabolomics. It brings together three laboratories under one organisational structure. Jointly, these labs have expertise in different but complimentary aspects of metabolomics. These labs are:

  • Systems Medicine group (BTK), contributing targeted mass spectrometry methods for clinical applications.
  • The NMR instrument Centre (Turku University and Åbo Akademi) which will provide the capability to perform tissue NMR using a 1H-HR-MAS probe.
  • The Bioanalytical Laboratory (University of Turku), whose primary focus is developing biomarker assays and pharmacokinetics under GLP setting for the use in clinical trials and drug development research.


The program for the seminar is as follows:

9:30 Welcome and coffee

10:00 Matej Orešič (UTU) – Metabolomics in biomedical research: platforms, challenges, opportunities

10:10 Alex Dickens (UTU) – Biomarkers/Turku core facility

10:30 Jari Sinkkonen (UTU) – Tissue NMR for metabolomics at the NMR Instrument Centre

10:45 Mika Scheinin (UTU/Turku University Hospital) –  Pharmacokinetics and verification of drug exposure

11:00 Dawei Geng (Örebro University, Sweden) –  Metabolomics at Örebro University and collaboration with Turku Metabolomics facility

11:20 Linda Ahonen (Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Denmark) – Lipidomics with automatized QC – case study: NIST ring trial

11:40 Kati Hanhineva (University of Eastern Finland) –  Untargeted metabolomics for nutrition and food research

12:00 Reception and adjourn