Past events


An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics
Two-week lecture course at Turku Centre for Biotechnology, Biocity

March 13-17, 2017
An introduction to Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics. One-week half-time at the Turku Centre for Biotechnology, Biocity, Tykistökatu 6.

7.11.2016 ICT, lambda auditorium, Turku
CBT/ÅAU Drug Discovery and Diagnostics Forum No. 1: Presentation of the Turku Centre for Biotechnology core services to ÅAU

26.10.2016 Royal Society of Chemistry, Finland Local section, Annual seminar, Turku
Anne Rokka Turku Proteomics Facility, Turku Centre for Biotechnology: “Mass spectrometric analyses for life science research”.
Peter James Turku Centre for Biotechnology / Department for Immunotechnology Lund University: “Can proteomics deliver in the clinic? A feasibility study in breast cancer”.

2.9.2016: Academic Dissertation
Anni Vehmas, Tissue Proteomics: “Quantitative Mass Spectrometry of Murine Liver and Ovarian Endometrioma”. Auditorium PharmaCity at 12 o’clock noon.

19.1.2016: Special Seminar Alexander Leitner, Instute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zyrich: “Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Structural and Functional Proteomics” Host: Jukka Westermarck

3.12.2015: Frontiers of Science seminar
Amos Bairoch, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, University of Geneva, Switzerland:
“The human protein knowledge platform”
Host: Peter James

6.5.2015: “Foster your Research” Seminar
Introduction to the state of the art methodology available at our campus
The speakers introduced a selection of state- of- the-art research methods available at the campus, with special focus on practical aspects, such as costs and (dis)advantages compared to other techniques, etc.
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14. – 16.4.2015, Tampere: 1st Finnish Symposium on Biological Mass Spectrometry
The first joint Symposium on Biological Mass Spectrometry was organized by the Finnish Mass Spectrometry Society, the Finnish Proteomics Society and the Finnish Peptide Society.
A one-day course “Biological Mass Spectrometry: Ionization Methods and Analyzers” was held on April 14 before the symposium at the venue.
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24.02.2015: BTK club
Petri Kouvonen, BTK: “Improved reproducibility in protein extraction and digestion using pressure cycling technology”

7.11.2014: 10th FinnProt Anniversary Symposium
Logomo, Turku
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4.11.2014: Turku Centre for Systems Biology seminar
Petri Kouvonen, BTK: “The rapid and reproducible conversion of clinical biopsy tissue sample into mass spectrometry ready peptides and knowledge”

5. – 8.10.2014, Madrid, Spain: 13th Human Proteome Organization World Congress
Petri Kouvonen, oral presentation: “Detection of bacterial and host proteins in paediatric ulcerative colitis from a single colonic biopsy sample by SWATH MS”
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15. – 19.9.2014: Proteomics course: A walk-through from basics to advanced techniques
This course included both hands-on exercises and lectures on mass spectrometry based proteomics techniques.
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6.7. – 13.7.2014: Dubrovnik, Croatia
8th Summer School “Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology and Medicine”

10.6.2014: BTK Club
Garry Corthals, BTK: “Turku Proteomics Facility and Research group”

14. – 15.5.2014: Lecture course in Viikki, Helsinki “Introduction to biological mass spectrometry”
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13.5.2014: BTK Club
Petri Kouvonen, BTK: “Turku Proteomics Facility: current activities and a glimpse to the future”.

11. – 13.3.2014: Nordic Proteomics Conference 2014 on Quantitative Proteomics
At the NPC2014 researchers from around the world presented and discussed their latest findings and best practices on how to measure change in biological systems.
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