Instrumentation for protein identification and quantification involves several ESI-MS/MS devices.

Mass spectrometers:


  • Orbitrap Lumos Tribrid

    with ETD & UVPD, ESI-hybrid ion trap-orbitrap (Thermo Scientific)

  • Q Exactive HF

    ESI-hybrid quadrupole-orbitrap (Thermo Scientific)


  • Q Exactive

    ESI-hybrid quadrupole-orbitrap (Thermo Scientific)

    for protein quantitation and PTM analysis.


  • TSQ Vantage

    ESI-triple stage quadrupole (Thermo Scientific)

    for targeted protein quantitation (SRM).



Pressure Cycling Technology sample preparation System:

  • Barocycler

    Barocycler is a sample preparation instrument working with pressure cycling technology. For rapid and reproducible extraction of proteins from a wide variety of cells and tissues, particularly those considered “hard-to-lyse”.

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