The Proteomics Facility provides services from detailed characterisation of a single protein to large-scale analysis of proteomes.

  • Qualitative proteomics– protein identification from gel separated or liquid samples by LC-MS/MS.
  • Quantitative proteomics –  label-free quantitative analysis by DDA or DIA methods.
  • Quantitative targeted proteomics – platform for SRM (selected reaction monitoring). This method provides sensitive and reproducible measurement of proteins in complex samples and is particularly useful in biomarker validation or pathway analysis.
    More information:
    • General information on quantitative targeted proteomics >>
    • SRM workflow >>

  • Post-translational modifications – we have a long standing history with phosphorylation analysis in the facility.
  • Biological mass spectrometry – various analytical measurements for protein, peptide and small molecule structure determination and mass determination of proteins are offered.
  • Bioinformatics – in all areas of proteomics bioinformatics services are offered including identification, quantitation and validation studies.

For best results and efficient service, contact the facility staff before you submit your samples!

Specific techniques for molecular analysis offered by the facility are:
• Protein identification by LC/ESI-MS/MS
• Protein quantitation by label-free medhods
• Phosphoprotein and phosphopeptide analysis
• Protein size determination by ESI
• Bioinformatics