Research Groups

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Daniel Abankwa Image
Mechanisms and Biosensors of GTPases
Daniel Abankwa



Eleanor Coffey Image
Kinase Function in Brain
Eleanor Coffey



Michael Courtney Image
Neuronal Signalling Pathways
Michael Courtney



Laura Elo Image
Computational Biomedicine
Laura Elo



John Eriksson Image
Cytoskeletal and survival signaling
John Eriksson



Zhi Jane Chen Image
Lymphocytes and Inflammation
Zhi Jane Chen



Johanna Ivaska Image
Cell Adhesion and Cancer
Johanna Ivaska



Peter James Image
Cancer Proteomics
Peter James



Riitta Lahesmaa Image
Molecular Systems Immunology
Riitta Lahesmaa



Riikka Lund Image
Biomedical Epigenomics
Riikka Lund



Matej Orešič Image
Systems Medicine
Matej Orešič



Tassos Papageorgiou Image
Protein Crystallography
Tassos Papageorgiou



Jeroen Pouwels Image
Integrin Activity in Disease
Jeroen Pouwels



Jukka Westermarck Image
Cancer Cell Signaling
Jukka Westermarck


Affiliated research groups


Lea Sistonen Image
Heat Shock Response Goes Beyond Cell Stress
Lea Sistonen



Marko Kallio Image
Mitosis and Drug Discovery
Marko Kallio



Harri Lähdesmäki Image
Computational systems biology
Harri Lähdesmäki



Panu Jaakkola Image
Hypoxia Group
Panu Jaakkola



Cecilia Sahlgren Image
Cell Fate
Cecilia Sahlgren


Fang Cheng Image
Tissue Regeneration and Cancer
Fang Cheng
Hongbo Zhang Image
Precision Nanomedicine and Diagnostics
Hongbo Zhang
Ulla Pentikäinen Image
Molecular mechanisms of diseases
Ulla Pentikäinen