Notch trafficking and posttranslational modification

Interaction between key signaling mechanisms is important to generate the diversity in signaling output required for proper control of cellular differentiation and function. Notch crosstalks with other major signaling pathways that modulate the signaling outcome. We have contributed to working out the relationship between Notch and the Notch antagonist, Numb (Chapman et al 2006) and to establishing data on a PDGF-Notch signaling crosstalk of relevance for vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation and function (Jin et al., 2008). Current research focus inlcudes interactions between Notch receptors and ligands and the cytoskeleton, and how these interactions determine trafficking, signaling activity and Notch-driven stem cell functions. We aim to extend our studies on Notch signaling crosstalk and identify novel Notch binding proteins and posttranslational modifications of Notch. We will also take an systematic attempt to identify  novel regulators of Notch trafficking.