Group Leader

Laura Elo, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor in Biomathematics

Research Director in Bioinformatics
E-mail: laura.elo[at] or laura.elo[at]


Anu Kukkonen-Macchi, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator
E-mail: anukuk[at]

Satu Koskinen, L.Phil.

Research Coordinator
E-mail: satkos[at]

Postdoctoral Reseachers

Juhani Aakko, Ph.D.

E-mail: jaaakk[at]

Markku Karhunen, Ph.D.

Work interests:

-RNA-Seq, expression arrays, computational statistics, machine learning
-R, Julia


Sofia Khan, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor in Bioinformatics

E-mail: sofia.khan[at]

Riku Klen, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor in Mathematics

Work interests:

-mathematical modelling, machine learning, data analysis
-R, Matlab, Mathematica, Python

Email: riku.klen[at]

Asta Laiho, Ph.D., Service Manager

Work interests:

– High-throughput data analysis and related softwares, developing data analysis services for customers
– R

Email: asta.laiho[at], Publication link

Kalle Rytkönen, Ph.D., Marie Curie Fellow

Work interests:

– Reproductive biology, endometrium, hypoxia, aryl hydrocarbon receptor
– Functional genomics, transcriptional regulation, histone modifications

Email: katury[at]

Mikko Venäläinen, Ph.D.

Work interests:

– Computational modelling, machine learning, data analysis
– Matlab, C++, R, Python, Fortran

Email: mikko.venalainen[at]

PhD Students

Nigatu Ayele Adossa, M.Sc.

Email: niayad (at)

Deepankar Chakroborty, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Gene expression data analysis, machine learning, systems biology
– Python, Perl and R

E-mail: deepankar.chakroborty[at]

Thomas Faux, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq data analysis and  related software, T-cell differentiation
– R, python, C++

Email: thomas.faux[at]

Ye Hong, M. Sc.

Work interests:

– Differential expression analysis of biological data, neuroproteomics
– R and Python

Email: yehon [at]

Maria Jaakkola, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Mathematical modeling and pathway analysis
– R and simulation

Teemu Daniel Laajala, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Machine learning methods, similarity and distance measures, discrete optimization, applying mathematical modeling to cancer
– R

E-mail: teelaa with the suffix

Mehrad Mahmoudian, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Gene expression data analysis, mathematical modeling and machine learning, cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, system and network administration
– R, Python, PHP, bash, batch, SQL and Perl

Email: mehmah [at] utu [dot] fi

Arfa Mehmood, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– NGS data analysis, differential splicing analysis, pathway analysis, machine learning methods
– Python and R

Email: arfa.mehmood [at]

Sami Pietilä, M.Sc.

Work interests:

Software design,Python, R, C, Machine learning, GPU calculation, NGS/Proteomics data analysis

E-mail: sami.pietila[at]

Fatemehsadat Seyednasrollah, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Analysis of next generation sequencing data
– Java, Python and R

E-mail: fseyedna[at], Publication link

Johannes Smolander M.Sc. (Tech.)

Work interests:

– Biological data analysis, machine learning
– Statistics

E-mail: johannes.smolander[at]

Veronika Suni, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Development of high-throughput proteomics data analysis methods and tools
– Protein phosphorylation, cancer signalling, spectral libraries

Email: vsuni[at]

Tomi Suomi, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Algorithms and data structures
– Scientific computing, software engineering

E-mail: tomi.suomi[at], tomi.suomi[at]

Tommi Välikangas, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Proteomics data analysis, machine learning, computational modeling, computational systems biology, gene regulatory networks, computational drug design
– R, Python, Fortran

E-mail: tsvali[at]

Project Researchers

Tapio Envall, M.Sc.

E-mail: ejenva[at]

Satu Koskinen, L.Phil.

E-mail: satkos[at]

Esko Pakarinen, B.Sc.

E-mail: ehjpak[at]

Sohrab Saraei, M.Sc.

Work interests:

– Machine learning, Data analysis, Proteomics
– Python, R, C#

Email: sohrab.saraei[at]


Undergraduate Students

Ilona Lehtinen, B.Sc.

E-mail: ilkleht[at]

Vladislav Lysenkov, B.Sc.


Niklas Paulin, B. Sc.

E-mail: niklas.paulin[at]

Xu Qiao, B. Eng.

E-mail: xu.qiao[at]

Ning Wang, B.Eng.


Haifeng Xu, B.Eng.

E-mail: haifxu[at]

Former group members

Please see Alumni