Gordon Research Conference on Intermediate Filaments

Roles in signal integration, transcriptional control, and maintenance of tissue integrity

The remarkable discoveries of hundreds of mutations in IF genes that give rise to a plethora of human diseases have attracted the attention of basic scientists and physicians.

Intermediate filaments are traditionally regarded as structural proteins. Recently, intermediate filaments have been linked to the integration of cytoskeletal, signaling, and transcriptional processes and to the regulation of metabolism, survival, differentiation, development, and immunity. These recently established interactions provide a likely explanation for the broad range of diseases and phenotypes that stem from intermediate filament mutations. The obtained knowledge is consequential for the basic understanding of signal integration in cells and tissues and for the numerous pathological conditions that intermediate filaments are involved in. The goal of this conference will be to focus on the dramatic paradigm shift occurring in our field and to discuss the broad ramifications of this paradigm shift as it relates to human health.

This web page provides links to discussion forums on various issues and subjects related to topical areas of intermediate filament research.

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Pre-conference reading

Here the individual speakers have assembled relevant pre-conference reading, formed by a selection of historical, overview, and timely research articles, giving relevant background information when listening to the actual talks. The selected articles are enjoyable and interesting material for journal clubs during the forthcoming weeks before the meeting. The page is still under construction and will be updated on a daily basis.

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