Screening Unit

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At the screening unit we have a range of instruments, library resources and assay services suitable for different user needs, from small-scale hit validation and characterisation to large-scale screens. In addition, our affiliated groups can  offer virtual screening, hit optimisation and medicinal chemistry services.

Assays range from simple plate-reader methods to high-content analysis and high-throughput microscopy with automated imagers fully integrated with automated cell incubator, thermostatted plate stacks and fluidics.

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Library Resources

Assays and Assay Development

Virtual Screening – Hit Optimisation – Medicinal Chemistry

Latest News


30 SEPT 2018: The screening unit is moving and some services will be down temporarily. Updates will follow shortly.

15 SEPT 2018: The screening unit contributed to the development of a new method for quantifying connectivity of neuronal networks PMID 29897415 

29 AUG 2018: The screening unit contributed to the druggability of a potential new therapeutic target for neuropathic pain PMID 30157705; see also PMID 29319606 press release

Meetings and workshops


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Neuroscience, signalling probes and gene transfer: Michael Courtney – michael.courtney[at] ; research homepage

Cancer: Matthias Nees – matthias.nees[at] – research homepage