Library Resources at the TBI Screening Unit

Library Resources Hosted at the TBI Screening Unit
A number of libraries are now available for use at TBI-SU. Please contact use to discuss your needs.

A. Chemical Libraries
Libraries available on-site include
1. The bioascent 12k small molecule library

  • >12000 compound representation of the diversity of a 125k commercial library for subsequent cherry-picking

2. The Microsource Discovery Spectrum small molecule library

  • 1600 approved drugs
  • >700 bioactive and natural compounds

3. Several smaller thematic collections in the range of ~500 and smaller numbers of similar compounds

B. Genetic screen libraries
A number of smaller and larger collections for murine RNAi and Crispr approaches are also held.

C. Probe and reporter libraries in gene transfer vectors
The unit develops and holds an expanding panel of AAV preps for multiplexed use in high-throughput fluorescence microscopy,  to allow parallel monitoring of cell signalling events and morphological changes, as well as optogenetic or RNAi-knockdown based actuation. New probes can be rapidly assembled and prepared or newly designed according to the needs of users.


On request, we also host and handle our users’ own libraries