8 NOV 2018: The screening unit has moved to the BioCity Turku building (5th floor) and is operational.

30 SEPT 2018: The screening unit is moving and some services will be down temporarily. Updates will follow shortly.

15 SEPT 2018: The screening unit contributed to the development of a new method for quantifying connectivity of neuronal networks PMID 29897415 

29 AUG 2018: The screening unit contributed to the druggability of a potential new therapeutic target for neuropathic pain PMID 30157705; see also PMID 29319606 press release

8 MAY 2018: The screening unit hosted the spring National Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology Network meeting

1 MAY 2018: The screening unit contributed to the identification and druggability of a potential new therapeutic target for neuropathic pain PMID 29319606 press release

28 NOV 2017: The screening unit, jointly with the Turku Brain and Mind Centre (, hosted a seminar by Florian Freudenberg, Translational Psychiatry Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, Frankfurt University Hospital

22 MAY 2017: The programme for the upcoming 2nd National High-Content Analysis and High-Throughput Microscopy Workshop, on 19-20 June 2017, Turku, Finland is now live at this link

Register for the workshop by 8 June 2017 here

12 MAY 2017 Cellular optogenetic methods are now available at the screening unit, More details on the method can be found here

23 MAR 2017: Our High-Throughput Facilities and Library Resources are under continuous development. If you do not see what you need here please contact us with our needs and we well let you know if we have a solution now or in the near future.

11 OCT 2016: The Screening Unit has now been established under the Turku Bioimaging umbrella (as TBI-SU) . We offer instrument access, expertise and services. These support medium to high-throughput imaging, high-content imaging, cell-based models, assay development, bespoke analysis algorithms, phenotypic screening and a range of additional high-throughput sample handling, preparation, perturbation and measurement options that facilitate modern biological research, drug discovery and target validation. The unit is hosted by both the Turku Centre for Biotechnology and the Institute of Biomedicine and is currently situated in the Pharmacity building. Our mission is to promote drug discovery and diagnostic opportunities provided by high-throughput and high-content imaging and related technologies.