Pathway855 (BD)

Pathway855 High-Content imager (BD)

Our BD Pathway855 imager with on-stage fluidics is integrated with an automated incubator (capacity 42 plates) and ambient storage (capacity 120 plates/tip-racks). Addition items from our original systems have now arrived and these are currently (Jan/Feb 2016) being reintegrated.

The Pathway 855 imager has the following features:

Environmentally controlled chamber with thermostatting of entire optical path

Fast 100nm resolution xy positioning of objective for correction-free montaging

Reliable fast laser focus and 50nm resolution z positioning

Automated reagent addition from reagent plate with mixing while imaging

Dual, continuous spectrum calibrated excitation sources

  • both lightpaths have EXFO exacte 200W sources (from ldg) under computer control with fine adjustment intensity, millisecond feedback intensity control and intensity calibration, allowing users to eliminate power changes within runs and between runs.
  • Both sources can be calibrated for output in watts, therefore you can set the power you used in your assay to be the same each time you run your assay.

Two excitation filter wheels, total 16 excitation filters

  • Wheel A filter:
    405/20, 470/40, 488/10, 555/28, 334/10, 380/10, 500/20, 438/32 brightline
  • Wheel B filter:
    334/10B, 548/20, 460/10, 560/55, 635/20, 488/10B, 360/10, Open

Beam combiner wheel, 5 positions

  • Mirror, 370DCLP, Open, 50%A/10%B, 10%A/40%B

Dichroic wheel, 5 dichroics

  • Fura/FITC (515LP), Fura/TRITC (420-460,480-535, 570-), 458LP, 595LP,  84000(415-435, 445-480, 500-540, 570-625, 665-)

Nipkow disk slider (70µm pinhole) for fast confocal option
Objectives available

  • Air
    • 1.25x NA0.04, 2.5x NA0.08, 4x NA0.16, 10xNA0.3LWD, 10xNA0.4, 20xNA0.45LWD, 20xNA0.75, 40xNA0.95
  • Immersion objectives also available – please enquire

Emission wheel, 8 positions

  • 540/50“Fura/TRITC” (510/30 & 600/50), 483/32, 435LP, 84101 (463/15, 522/16, 598/28, 690/30, >740), 515LP, 570LP, HQ645/75, 542/27


  • CCD, Hamamatsu AG, 1344 x 1040 6.45µm square pixels, cooled, 12 bit


  • Attovision software V1.6 for acquisition and on-line/off-line high-content analysis
  • BD Image Data Explorer (IDE) and custom routines for mining HCA datasets
  • Three off-line analysis workstations configured with Attovision 1.6, IDE, custom routines, ImageJ, Cell Profiler etc.

Imaging server allows direct connection to analysis workstations and key instruments including this HCA unit, to faciliate data analysis