Trono Lab – The Lentivirus Kitchen. Page provides: a brief description of the vector system, standard and bicistronic lentivectors, constitutive and conditional siRNA lentivectors; maps, sequences and protocols as well as clonning strategies and desing of siRNAs (including small siRNA database)

Nolan Lab – Tutorials – Retroviruses and their applications

MIT Jacks Lab – Virus Lab at MIT. Biosafety issues.

Invitrogen –  home of RNAi – Tools for RNAi based gene silencing, also using Lentiviral vectors. –

RNAi designer

Adgene –  very good source of plasmids

Finnish Society of Gene Therapy

Vector Biolabs – The Gene Delivery Company (Adenovirus construction services)

Cellomics Technology – genetic engineering. Professional recombinant Lentivirus vector manufacturer