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Turku Centre for Biotechnology Virus Vector Facility participates in national Viral Gene Transfer and Cell Therapy Network

Coming soon

– we will implement a small charge for users of the facility’s Biosafety level 2 lab space to cover costs incurred by lab upkeep, waste disposal etc. Users will receive an email soon

– due to increased demand users must reserve their laminar flow time in the BSL2 lab using the CBT online reservation system

– We provide a training package to users wishing to learn Lenti vector production. Please contact us at  for more information

Biocentre Finland Viral Gene Transfer and Cell Therapy Network

Turku participates in the Biocenter Finland Viral Gene Transfer and Lenti GEMM networks. The Turku node will ensure the availability of reliable Lenti and Adeno vectors for basic research at a national level. More information on the Viral Gene Transfer network can be found here

Photo: from left to right, Susanna Pyökäri, Anna Cvrljevic, Jukka Westermarck, Marjo Hakkarainen, Eleanor Coffey.

External Events

Advanced symposium and EMBO practical course

Viral Vectors in Gene Therapy, Applications & Novel Production Methods
August 26th-September 4th, 2010, Kuopio, Finland.

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